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The Storm and Stress of adolescence

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Storm & Stess of adolescence - image 4The need to identify and mentor adolescent suffering from stress has become the need of the hour of the 21st century.  Adolescence is marked with a lot of physiological and psychological changes which sometimes itself becomes a cause of stress. If stress is not addressed at the right time it may lead to fatal problems like indifferent attitude, isolation from peers, family, and society and sometimes leads to suicide too. So it is imperative to find out first whether the child is in dilemma with respect to any issues.

There can be various causes of adolescent stress, to name a few:Storm & Stess of adolescence - image 1
  1. Peer Pressure
  2. Overprotective parents
  3. Unrealistic goals in life
  4. Unable to cope up with the latest technology

Adolescent issues should be handled with a lot of confidentiality. This is the period where they will either make or break their life. So as parents, elders, teachers we have to take the onus for the well being of the child.

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First and foremost we have to listen to them selflessly, let our children vent out their emotions without any conditions.Storm & Stess of adolescence - image 2Half of the problem is sorted when they speak their heart out because they seldom have a habit of self-introspection.

Storm & Stess of adolescence - image 3

If still, the problem persists they need a lot of guidance. It’s easy to preach than practice so it’s better to share with a lot of real-life experiences to make them aware that you have also sailed through a similar boat.

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At the end let us remember that this is a passing phase so develop faith among them and inspire that they are unique and important in our life.

Dr. Sunita Jain is the Director of edukidz INTERNATIONAL, Chembur, Mumbai. She is also a lecturer at Pillai College of Education & Research, Chembur, Mumbai.

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