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Relationship quizzes and the chemistry of love

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Every relationship has its own set of choices and regrets and moments of happiness. Conversation plays a vital role in the relationship. It strengthens the bond of relationship and building trust in it. These are some interesting relationship quizzes which will definitely help you to know you, partner, more and better. Hope you both have very happy and lifetime relationship.

What do relationship and love mean to you?

This is an open-ended question but having deep meaning. It will let you know your partner’s definition of it and you can easily set yourself for a difference in opinions of both of you.

Do you trust me?

Every relation build trust and it is necessary to know from your partner so he/she trust you and your abilities or not. The answer will help you to achieve lifelong bonding in the relationship.

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What is your expectation from me in your life? What will I add to it?

The specific answer from your partner will let you know what he/she expect from your and in what aspects you need to work more to make you most suitable for them

Am I good enough for you? Can you imagine yourself living with me for a very long time?

Commitment is what makes every relationship stronger. Before entering any serious relationship you must know either your partner is ready to be with you for a long time or not.

What are the things you like about me or how I am special than any other person in this world?

The answer will tell you either your partner know you well or not and will help you to highlight the level of interest the person has in you.

How should be your ideal dream date?

A perfect and surprised date means a lot for both men and woman. This question will make you aware of what your partner is expecting from you in terms of ideal date and you can arrange it to make then happy and surprised.

What do you want out of this relationship?

This is the most important question to decide what your partner is interested in apart from the relationship. You will know his/her priorities and it will help you to decide are you compatible with each other or not.

What are your passions?

A passion of person defines everything about them. Knowing your partner’s passions will help you to support them to achieve what they desire. A passionate man/woman is worth to engage with.

What do you expect from your life partner?

It will tell you whether you fit in his/her expectations or not. It is a really important question to know what your partner expect from you and you can make preferable changes in yourself to meet their expectations.

Do you have any secret? Do you want to share them?Relationship quizzes featured

Everybody has some past and before entering into a relationship one must share it with the partner to avoid misunderstanding in future.

How do you feel about my family and Friends? Do you feel comfortable with them?

Friends and family are another important factors in your life and it is important to know your partner’s opinion about them to keep a healthy bond with them lifetime. If he/she hesitates to answer then you have to think about.

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What do you value most in your life?

Your partner preferences and choices mean a lot in keeping a happy and healthy relationship. An answer to this question from them will clearly tell you what their standards and passions are.

What roles do love and affection play in your life?

Love and care are the necessary emotions in every relationship and knowing its value in your partner’s life will help you to know their opinion about it.

Do you consume alcohol, drugs or any form of intoxication?

Relationship quizzes - sexual activities

These are habits some people comfortable with and some don’t. it is necessary to know details about your partner’s habits to make your relationship comfortable and understanding.

What Sort of sexual activities should we consider?

Sex plays a very important role in every relationship and before going to involve in it you should always consider your partner’s opinion about it. To make your experience happier you must know choices and expectations of your partner about it.

What encourages him/ her to meet you?

The answer will tell you for which of your unique quality your partner falls for and you can work more for on that quality to make then easy and comfortable with you.

What are your food preferences? Veg or non-veg?

Food is another basic choice one must consider in the relationship. Understand your partner’s choice and decide further.

All the best!

We hope these relationship quizzes will be helpful for you to understand your partner’s behavior, attitude, approach and choice of the things.

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