How to Make money through online Coaching?

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With the government efforts and increased awareness, the literacy level has gone up tremendously. Knowledge follows the literacy. If knowledge remains unshared, it is a waste. But not all the people get a vent for their knowledge. With technological advancement, now you can share your knowledge by sitting on the couch of your home. You can even make good money by sharing your hard-earned knowledge through online coaching. online coaching - image 1

If you have knowledge and experience both, you can get easily into the online coaching/teaching. Most of the people think that in order to get into the online tutoring or coaching business you need to be a leading expert in the field. This is not true. You don’t need to be ‘guru’ all the time. If you have a slightly good knowledge of any topic, you can start with it.

The topics and subjects in online coaching are endless. The topics can range from sports, crafts, traveling, school subjects, health planning, hula-hooping to anything. Any of your achievements can be converted into an online coaching business for sure. Everybody wants mentoring and motivation in the same way as we wanted to have some time. Just access the right tool and you are all set to make money and get satisfaction.

What to Coach Online?online coaching - image 2

People like us who have never been into this type of thing before gets confused about how to go about doing this? What to coach? Well, there is no direct answer. You yourself have to find your inner instincts and your loved and mastered subject or topic. Self-analysis here plays an important role. But the one thing that you need to keep in mind is that in order to succeed in today’s time, you should pick up a single idea and in that idea focus on a single niche.

Let me give you an example of that, suppose that you have picked the topic of Journalism and Mass Communication. From that subject, choose a specific area like PR, Advertising, print media or broadcast media. Try to get all the knowledge about the relative field. If the field is very vast try to find a specific niche and master that. This is the way to succeed.

Actually, the reality is that your coaching should not only help to ‘learn’, but to ‘solve’. People just don’t want to learn, they want to solve their problems which are related to them. The focus should be on transformation, instead of just information.

How to start Coaching business from scratch?

People follow different coaching styles. It depends on the choice of the coach and the requirement of the client. But out of my personal experience, I have observed the best tactics that work better. Let me enlist them for you.

(a) Individual session v/s group session:online coaching - image 4

Some people feel comfortable when they are in a group, while some others feel pressured when they are in the same setting. So, we cannot specify or fix that individual session or group session is best for all. But practically speaking, a small group of about 4 to 6 people is ideal. It is because in such a setting we can give individualized attention to all while working with a group. For a coach, the group coaching saves the time. An hour is an hour for the coach. If only one person pays for this hour, it is not economical for the person providing coaching and also for the person who is receiving. So it is best to coach in a group setting of 4-5 people.

(b) Extension of your coaching/program:

Choosing the length of a program is again an individual choice. But the practical advice is, avoid charging the fee by the lesson. It seems convenient from the client’s viewpoint, but it is not much help for the coach. If someone pays in advance for about 10-12 sessions, he/she is more likely to attend it. Otherwise, a lesson by lesson session may fail because of impatience of the client and finally, a coach gets all the blame. Nobody wants to get a bad name.

But remember, if you are committed and consistent than only you are going to get benefit from a packaged deal.

(c)  Duration of the coaching program for the day:

Ideally, the coaching session’s duration remains from 45 minutes to an hour. Actually, in this time we need to do various things, from formal greetings and introduction in the group to instructions, progress check for feedback. So you need a bit more extra time. 1 hour is best to start with. Once you have mastered the art of coaching online, you can resize it to 45 minutes or 30 coaching - image 3

(d) Develop a website to sell your program:

If you are trying to get into the online coaching business, or even if you are coaching physically somewhere, you need to have at least a web page which describes the duration of sessions and how many sessions you take. In addition, you can also explain how they can access your Facebook page or e-books? What support you provide and at what cost? All the information must be present on your website or web page.

(e) Choose platform:

Here platform means the tool or application used by you to reach your audience/client. Mostly, online tutors are using Skype and Google Hangouts for this purpose. The benefits of adopting these platforms is that:

  1. Both are free.
  2. Works excellent if you have a good internet connection.
  3. Allows you to have a live video session with more than 10 people at a time.

With Google Hangouts, you can even save your sessions.

online coaching - image 5

So these are the basics to start your online coaching business plan. This is how to make money consulting online.  The last word of advice is that a coach must start the coaching with a realization that their work is not to be just an instructor telling the clients about what they need to do but to solve their problems by collaborating with them and listening to their problems with mind and eyes open. The more you enhance your listening capabilities, the more you will be able to design your coaching to suit the needs and requirements of your client.

With little time and a whole world left, a lot to embrace. A Dreamer and a traveler.

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