Custom made Wedding Dresses for your special day

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The most sought after and memorable day for every woman in the lifetime is her Wedding.  The union with their soul mate and the commemoration of the sacred institution of marriage is definitely something special and worth waiting for and no stones are left unturned to make it the best day of her life. The wedding is actually the day a woman looks the most beautiful, timeless and graceful because this is the day she decides to spend the rest of her life with her partner.

custom made wedding dresses

Stating the obvious, a wedding dress makes up the most important part of the wedding ritual. And a large part of your wedding dress depends on your overall persona, your tastes, preferences and the overall theme of the wedding. It also depends on a great deal of the décor or the venue and perhaps your own idea of how a wedding needs to be. While many would be brides spend weeks looking for the perfect dress across stores, many others decide to go for custom made Wedding dresses.

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Custom made wedding dresses are the new rage because they give you a chance to experiment with your individual style and choose something out of the ordinary for the most special occasion of your life. But creating a custom-made wedding dress is not as easy as it may seem. In this article, we will break down the processes that make a custom wedding dress all the more worthwhile and a much easier ordeal. Read on to find out.

Designingcustom made wedding dresses designing

For this, you need to make a list of the elements constituting your wedding theme. That in itself will determine the design and style of your set. Your persona, the setting of the wedding, the season as well as the decoration theme will be important factors you need to consider before you choose on the hue and style of your custom made wedding dresses.

Followed by this, delve deep into the designing part. Choose the neckline, the depth of the neckline, silhouettes, flow and fabric of the gown. You need to mix and match quite a bit and do some comparisons followed by regular trips to various stores to understand and decide on a design better.

Accessory Features

custom made wedding dresses

This includes selecting sashes and other decorative features to add on to your custom made wedding dress. This depends on the décor theme as well as your personal taste.

Create an Oval Framework

Now that you have finalized on the style, color, and fabric, of your custom made wedding dress, it’s time to put it all on paper. The final design is essential as it will help the tailor understand what exactly you require for your wedding dress. From the flow to the silhouette and the shape of the neckline, every detail can be covered here.

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Providing the Measurements

For custom made wedding dresses, accurate measurements are of paramount importance. Correct measurements help give the perfect fit and accentuate the overall look of the wedding dress. Go through size guides and specifications online and then you can get yourself measured using the following methods:

  • Ask a friend to measure you.
  • You could visit a boutique for the measurements
  • Get the measurements done from a local tailor or a bridal store.
 Assigning the Materials for the Final Stitch Up

custom made wedding dresses

Here comes the trickiest part about custom made wedding dresses: looking for the perfect tailor to get it stitched up. This decision needs to be made after thorough scrutiny. High-end boutiques may not always be the best in the market. A good trip through various boutiques as well as local tailors will help you get a good insight about this. Choose wisely. You should be able to get a good tailor without the option being exorbitant.

Fitting & Trail

In order to create the perfect wedding dress, it takes more than a measurement procedure. Making a custom wedding dress first involves the design to be turned into a proper dress prototype. This may take a while, probably a fortnight for completion. This is followed by the final fitting of the dress. Some boutiques use a fitting corset with the measurements provided by you so you can see if it’s correct.

This is followed by many other series of minor and major adjustments as per your requirements.

custom made wedding dresses - conclusion


As a matter of fact, custom made wedding dresses take a lot of time and effort to be prepared. But the advantage here is that everything is handpicked and customized according to your tastes and preferences. It’s important though to research and make wise choices when you choose to go with custom made wedding dresses for your once in a lifetime occasion.

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