Communication is your expression

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At present, many platforms are available to exchange and share one’s views, opinions and ideas. Communication has become an essential tool to aid one to express his own thoughts. So one can’t deny the power and importance of communication. As fine as your communication skill is, your work will become easier and you can attract more people to your ideas. Moreover, Fluency and good communication skill is required and expected when someone seeks for jobs. Even the communication skill helps someone to progress fast on the job.

How four basic skills influence each skills:
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Improving a language process doesn’t happen overnight, you should spend quality and considerable time every day in order to progress in the language. The first schedule to focus on all four basic skills Listening, Reading, Speaking and writing equally. All four skills are equally significant when it comes to language. Watch movies, listen to the news, people talking, then read a lot, it could be any topic and any creative writing that interest you. Communicate in English whenever you get a chance, if not create a situation. Writing is the last and the most difficult of all, but still not impossible. Write short stories, jokes, paragraphs. Learn a language with pleasure, when you love something that you do, will have a great impact and outcome. Do with self-confidence because that motivates you to learn every day and use them. Never hesitate or afraid of demotivating comments, never let anything stop you from learning.

Speaking provides you a confident face:Communication - image 1

English fluency is not about just speaking a language, it’s about delivering your thoughts hooking with your language expression. As I begin sharing my idea, I would like to insist the reality that fluency can be attained only by communicating. Without conversing, it’s not possible at all. So your first question might have popped up now, how?

Formulas to improve your language:

Pick a right partner, whose complimentary and spotting mistakes attitude should aid your attempts. As you do your first attempt, communicate in English that is all you need to do. Never mind your mistakes.
Venture to listen and read various materials every day. Immerse yourself and experience the pleasure of reading and listening to different hard level of comprehensive materials. Stand tall when you speak English because confidence gives you more courage to hone your speaking skill.

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A simple three months course idea:

First month:

Assessing one’s ability
Get an overview of Grammar used in the English language.
Explore and use different Greeting sentences.
Train on simple comments, discussion and responding to queries
Train on real-life situation and how to start a conversation

Second month:

Conversation practice on various topics
Be particular about Grammar corrections and overcome the errors
Get into Conversation practice on surprise topics

Third month:

Start a one-on-one conversation between you and your partner on surprise topics.
Perform Accent Practice and Grammatical accuracy.
Use new vocabularies and focus on the choice of words.
Get to know General information of punctuations used in English sentences.

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Try to learn more out of listening and reading. These are the best inputs that propel you to refine your language.

I'm an experienced academician worked in 3 schools that facilitated my thirst for innovative teaching method. My true finding helped me to venture insightful writing skills. I have written many articles, shaping my language expression, where my area of interest widened and found my intensity in writing is boundless and need to explore a lot. I'm on my earnest course to explore a creative side of expressing my thoughts.

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