Live cricket streaming is in vogue. The stressful & busy life has snatched away the pleasure of those television glued days. Where no a single cricket fan ever wants to miss an interesting match, it’s highly disheartening to find yourself as the only one to have missed it due to our so-called busy schedule. When its cricket, the bigger the group of discussion, more the fun and a post-match analysis is like a ritual, religiously followed.

The tech world around us has come up with the solution to everything, almost! Switch to Live cricket streaming and you are back in the game. Streaming the cricket match in real time over the internet, one just needs to login to the legit sites or applications that provide Live cricket streaming services and there you are, all eyes on the game.

There are many live cricket streaming service providers, however being a legal one makes the difference. The services can be both paid and enjoyed free. You have to deliberately search for the sites which provide the best quality videos of the live cricket streaming at a reasonable price. In my search for the best live cricket streaming sites, I came across a number of live cricket streaming sites. But half of them turned out to be fake. That was really annoying.  To save your time and energy, I am enlisting here 5 best legal websites to watch the live cricket streaming videos.

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5 best legal websites to watch the live cricket streaming

Check out the 5 best legal websites for live cricket streaming on your laptop or mobile devices:


ESPN CricInfo

As the name clarifies, this is the website of the Espn channel which focuses on cricket only. It is ranked number one by the cricket lovers. It covers all the aspects of any cricket match. Not only it enables the user to watch the live cricket, but it also provides quick and easy information related to the match in the form of scorecards, latest cricket updates, fixtures of cricket matches, bullets about latest cricket news and what not. Navigation on this site is very easy even for the not so website friendly people. Its interface is also very interesting.

Willow TV

Willow TV

Willow TV also provides good live cricket streaming on their website. But this streaming is not free. Every good thing comes at a price. IT charges a monthly subscription fee of $14.99. Once you subscribe, you get access to all the matches telecasted on Willow TV. Willow TV is developed to support every device, be it an iOS, Android, Roku, Google TV, Amazon FireTV, LG Smart TV etc.


Star Sports

This is a well-loaded site. The way in which this website brings the live coverage of the cricket matches at unbeatable. It provides the live cricket streaming videos in the best quality. Together with the live videos, it provides short information about the match schedules, the opinion of the experts and the general public and any exclusive. Its users can even watch the videos of the played matches as well. The website is highly engaging and provides a fun experience for its users.



Hotstar is very popular in India for live cricket streaming and other sports too. It has a very intuitive interface where you can enjoy lag-free streaming of your favorite match. There is a mobile app available which lets you stream on the go. You need not avail any paid subscription in order to watch cricket in Hotstar, however, the only drawback is that the telecast is 5 minutes delayed for free subscribers. At a very nominal subscription cost, you can watch live matches as they are on TV.



Although this website is not just a cricket exclusive site, it provides good live cricket streaming for sure. It focuses mainly on the high profile cricket matches. Its user interface is very friendly and straightforward. You can surf easily for anything on this website. To watch the live cricket streaming, you need to open the website and select the cricket match broadcasting channel. If the channel supports the live broadcasting of the match, the user gets instant access to its live streaming videos.

The above-listed websites are the best sources for live cricket streaming. Some ask for paid subscriptions, while some others are free. All the websites try to provide the best user interface to amaze their readers with their creativity. If you want to enjoy the live cricket streaming without any issues, try these sites and I am sure that you won’t be disappointed.

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