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10 ways to keep up with family fitness in the stressful life

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Health is one of the major concerns nowadays.  With today’s stressful lives, we should be more concerned to balance the same. Many families have lack of awareness on this field. They are spending Thousands of pennies just to consultants. But everyone is not changed after consulting. Here we have provided the tips to improve the family fitness.

Keeping up with family fitness, here are the secrets

Wake up earlyfamily fitness - early wakeup

The sleep cycle is also closely related to fitness. Wake up early in the morning means, it should not affect the sleeping time. An average human being should sleep at least eight hours of sound sleep. In any case, you should not bare these eight hours of sleep. This was the first and foremost tip when coming to the family fitness.

Yoga at morning

Yoga should be done by all in the early morning.Usually, the people would perform yoga at 4 in the morning time.At least half an hour of yoga is much essential. It will create a huge impact related to the fitness. It not only keeps you fit, also it will help to stay fitness - actress

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Example: The image showing in this picture was one of the top actresses in India. She was performing yoga from her childhood. Can you able to predict her age?
If yes what it will be? Just guess?
Her age is 51.

family fitness - yoga

Meditation at early morning

If you are not familiar with yoga, you can perform meditation. Yoga needs some training to do it correctly but for meditation, each and everyone can perform irrespective of their age. You can also watch practical videos of both yoga and meditation. But both need regular practice. Meditation can help to improve your memory too. It would be the best practice in family fitness.

A walk with family membersfamily fitness - walk

After performing yoga one can go for walk at 6.But if you are having a busy schedule in the morning, you can change this schedule to evening 5′ o clock. Going walk at 8 pm is not advisable since the benefit you got while walking at 5 pm is more when compared to walking at 8 pm. The main reason is you can’t burn more calories at 8 pm.

Healthy breakfast
family fitness - lunch

Breakfast is considered as one of the most important things in food habits.In any case, one should not skip the breakfast because the breakfast only gives the complete energy for the whole day. A good breakfast should have protein and calorie-rich diets. Bread omelet, pancakes, chocolate cake is considered a good breakfast recipe. Avoid heavy foods like chicken, mutton, beef in breakfast.

Recommended Lunch

Lunches play a major role next to breakfast. You can eat heavy meals during lunch because each and everyone has enough time for lunch. Don’t push the food, eat only according to your capacity. You can include beef, mutton, chicken, duck, fish in lunches.

Rest after lunch

Most of them working in an office will get tired during the middle of the day. It was recommended to take 10 to 15 minutes of rest. But you should not sleep at this time. Just lie on the cushion and hear some music. It would surely boost your briskness.

Drink plenty of waterfamily fitness - water

Drink plenty of water each and every day. An average human being should drink at least 3 liters of water per day, which was equivalent to 15 glass of water. If you are unable to keep track this schedule, you can use a smartphone to remind you. There are more apps available in the play store to keep track the water intake schedule. You can go with the apps.

Play physical games
family fitness - workout

Most of the teenagers didn’t play any physical games, recent research has found that it was the main reason behind the obesity. Parents should spend at least one hour per day to play any physical games like Frisbee, Hide and Seek with their children.

Body Workout

The gym is also one of the most important modes to keeps you fit. It should be done only with expert’s advice. A protein diet is much important in this, if you did not follow proper procedure then you have to experience the hair fall.

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Early to bed

Early to bed is also one of the best methods to keeps you fit. Try to avoid electronic gadgets before 2 hours of your sleep. The sleeping position also plays a major role.


There are more people who are fit just only by taking proper diets. If you have healthy diets exercise and all only secondary things. The ultimate goal is to make sure you keep balance in your life and lead a healthy and peaceful life.

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