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10 reasons to date a Bengali girl

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Who doesn’t want to be in a relationship or date in this smartphone world? Dating apps like Badoo, Tinder cannot be ignored and are the talk of the town. When we talk about girls, we sure do generalize things, isn’t it? Bengalis are one of the few classic examples we can never let go while talking about dating. Dating a Bengali girl is the privilege, not every boy gets in his lifetime; however, the life remains incomplete if he misses one.

Falling in love with a Bengali girl

Beautiful & graceful eyes

As termed the reflection of the heart, it truly holds for a Bengali girl. You just can’t keep your eyes away from theirs. The candlelit eyes, with sudden gestures and the wild appeals, call out to be pampered. Bong eyes will keep you glued to itself. The eye blink potentially has to ability to make you breathless and a glaze can make you feel high.


Saree & the Bindidate a bengali girl - saree and bindi

Not that any girl doesn’t look good in a saree with a bindi on the forehead, but a bong girl, oh my! The graceful look of a girl in a Bengali saree flaunting the beauty with a Bindi, it just can’t get better.

Getting along

There will be times when with your stupid act you can bring her smile down. Well, nothing to worry, most of the Bengali girl loves to read books and gifting them one would sure draw a big smile on her face. She might even forget your stupid act!

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Not to flaunt this more than necessary, but this is a reality. They have some coolest and awesome cousins and friends. I would just keep it till this and not mention few of them are indeed hotties!

Amazing food

Let’s not be grown-up. We know how much we relish eating and it can’t get better when we have Bengali food in front. The preparation, the presentation and the cuisine, you name it and they know how to get your mouth watery. The non-veg lovers can’t stop talking about the Mutton Kosha & the Chichen chap. Also, for a fish lover, you don’t need to share the accolades of a Bengal fish preparation, be it Paturi or fish fry. The vegetarians too have their presence with Aalu Posto and rice.


Yes, we already spoke about food, but please, Biryani is a whole different sensation in Bengal. You would fall in love the preparation. Well yes, it comes with a piece of potato, nevertheless the non-veg pieces are the ones to relish. Foodchains like Alibaba, Arsalaan are the talk of the town and the presence of Bengal outside the state too.

Culture & the Calcutta connection

This might be today’s oldest culture city, but this truly is the city of joy. No matter which part of India or world Bengali girl hails from, she sure does have her roots somewhere in Calcutta. Your excuse and a chance the city and fall in love with it. Speaking of culture and heritage, the land of Bengal has one of the richest cultural backgrounds and the bongs are the purest form of living examples. You would love the way dance and songs interest her. I personally have never met anyone who is not a dancer or a singer.

The nonstop chatter

All have to deal with the mood swings sometime or the other, that’s true, but when with a bong, you bet you can’t be more upbeat. The stories, the incidents, and the sweet gestures, oh! you will fall in love all over again. There can never be a dull moment around her because Bengali girl loves to talk!

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We show love by calling people by nicknames, and that’s nothing new. When it comes to your girl, you sure would want to pamper her by a sweet name. And here comes the best part, they already have the sweetest nicknames like tinki, rinki, tumpa, khuki etc.

Durga Puja fun

date a bengali girl - durga puja

Festivals are part of everyone’s life and we do enjoy every bit of it, however, Durga Puja is just not a festival, it is an emotion running through the veins of every Bengali. The celebration for over a week, the preparedness, the rituals during each day, oh! You got to be part of such festival.

Independent and Self-reliant

If you have a fear of getting along a clingy partner, you don’t have to go through the same with a Bong girl. She is an independent girl who knows to have her presence in the society, a self-reliant nature sure does make a mark on your heart.

The Bengali wedding

If you are lucky enough to get past the dating phase and get hitched you are about to witness one of the most beautiful ceremonies of Bengali. Starting from the traditional rituals and clothes, to the mouthwatering food, this is definitely a lifetime experience. And yes, you are about the face the coolest Dads in the world meeting the bride’s parents, however, her mom might be tricky at a time ;).

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